about dhofar

Where is Salalah and When to go?
Dhofar is the Southern region of Oman which stretches from the east coast to the border of Yemen. This region has a very unique climate. Unlike any other gulf country, Oman specifically Dhofar has a Khareef season. The Khareef runs from June to September During this time the coastal region is subject to conditions that come from the Indian ocean. Monsoon rains settle over the mountains causing the countryside to become green. Resembling a European countryside during these months you find a large tourism boom from surrounding gulf countries. They flock to the mountains, and foothills that are shrouded with clouds and mist. The heavy rains create many waterfalls, wadis, and a general change in livelihood. Although this might attract the Arabic family this isn’t a season were diving is possible. Due to the heavy rains the dive sites turn from the colorful coral fields into dense kelp forests. Visibility becomes limited at best, large winds cause unpredictable currents, and the temperature drops down. Starting in September the climate changes back to the warm, sunny temperatures you would expect in the gulf. It doesn’t take long for the green mountains to return to the assumed appearance from the coastal view. For those who seek adventure you can still venture up into the mountains where you will be rewarded with secret wadies, valleys which remain lush and green throughout the year. With a constant ocean breeze the temperature averages a low 30 degrees, through the majority of the season. The air is pleasantly dry excluding the end of September and beginning of may where the humidity starts to take over in preparation of the new Khareef.

Diving Mirbat

Getting there:
Mirbat is approximately a 50 minute drive from Salalah city or 30 minutes from hawana salalah(fanar,rotana and juweira hotels). It is reached by car on a scenic new highway paved alongside the Dhofar mountain range.on arrival to Mirbat you will meet the dive team there to start your dive trip. preparing the needed equipment and follow up for the dive trip.

Dive Sites

Some of the sites in Mirbat have the pleasant ease of a beach entry into the water. about 15 dive sites reached by boat . An abundance of sunlight and shallow water provide the ecosystems perfect conditions for coral growth to flourish. Mirbat’s diving not only contains stunning coral gardens, but also a great range of fish too. From the tiniest Nudibranches, Flat Worms, Shrimp and other crustaceans the macro life is available for anyone with an eye for our smaller friends. If small creatures of the ocean is not your thing, then keep your eyes open in the distance as you always have a good chance of seeing multiple different Rays, Turtles, Clown fish, and Barracudas. There are also Octopus, a large range of Morays, Stone fish, and many more hiding here.

List of the sites

Dive sites by the beach: china wreck -rocky beach and turtles alley . 

dive sites by boat : Lucas reef,ras roshan,larissa reef, ras mirbat,totti ,china wreck,marriotte wreck,hamdy block,rocky beach,fathi reef, alila reef,eagle bay,eagle bay out and aquarium.